The Process

The Process

**Process for logo design, steps may vary for other services**

Meet & Greet

We can't just jump right into the project without me knowing anything about what it is right? That's like me walking into your house unannounced and I don't think you'd like that lol So to best understand  what you want to achieve with this project, I will have you fill out a quick and painless design brief.  I'll give it a detailed look over and then we can set up an virtual meeting via Skype, an in-person meeting (if you're in the DMV) or a simple phone call. This will give you a chance to ask any questions you may have and also gives me the opportunity to clarify anything that I may need to know about the project going forward.

Project Quote & Contract

Now that I know you and your project a little better, now I'll create a project quote and contract which contains: a detailed outline of the services I’ll be providing, the scope of your project to-be, how much it’s all going to cost you, payment terms, project closure clauses, copyright and ownership information, and termination clauses.  Thoroughly review it, sign it, submit a 50% deposit, and we’re good 2 go!

Creation & Revisions

Now we can get to the fun part!! Based off your design brief, I’ll sketch, brainstorm, do a little research and BOOM, out comes your first concept. It will be with as little detail as possible to get a sense of whether we are going in the right direction or not before we put the finishing 2UP touches on it. If you’re satisfied, then we’re almost done. If not you get up to 3 more concepts before your 3 MAJOR revision count starts, but we’ll discuss what that really means in the ‘Project Quote & Contract’ phase.

Finishing Touches & Closure

Time to put the finishing touches on your design, making sure that it shines and it’s something you’re proud to call your own. Lastly, we’ll tie up all loose ends by sending a final invoice, neatly package all your files in a .zip folder, and they will be sent to you upon payment of the remaining balance. Now we’re done!!